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How to Spot Untrustworthy Web Hosting Providers - Expert Advice | Tip 01: Contact Information

Q: How to spot an Untrustworthy Web Hosting provider?

There are different elements to be taken into consideration in order to differentiate trustworthy from untrustworthy Web Hosting providers. The selected provider will be your partner,so take the time to choose one wisely.

In this first tip, we will focus on the provider’s contact information. Where are they located? Could you contact them when you need help? Do they really exist? > The contact information is not available in the provider’s website. > Trustworthy Web Hosting providers usually publish in their websites:

  • Valid office address & location
  • Working phone number(s)
  • Valid email address or working contact form
  • Linkedin business page
  • Social media business pages (Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, etc)

Take the time to Know Your Provider and choose the one who has offers that fit your needs and requirements.

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