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WebHostingSaver Podcast - Episode #002 - How to Choose The Best Web Hosting Provider | Web Hosting Series From A to Z.

Everyday, people ask the question “How to Choose My Hosting Provider?” in different platforms like quora, facebook, reddit and many others.

Some others ask questions like “Who is the best web hosting provider?” These are also as very hard question to answer. Because what represents the best choice for someone may not be the case for others. Let’s explain this.

Welcome to today’s WebHostingSaver podcast.

Our mission is to help customers easily find the best Web Hosting services that fit their needs and budget by instantly comparing thousands of offers worldwide.

In this episode, we will go through a list of elements to be taken into consideration when choosing a Web Hosting provider. These thoughts are based on The Web Hosting Pyramid of Needs™.

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This episode is part of the “Web Hosting Series: From A to Z”, where we will answer some questions and cover the Web Hosting basics. We have covered the types of Web Hosting services, and define some of the technical terms including domain names, SSL certificates, shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and colocation hosting.

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